Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Shadow Farm 2010 Easter Giveaway!

Here it is folks, My first ever giveaway! Thanks to everyone who has joined me over the past year ( well, almost a year) Without further ado, here's how this contest will work:

To participate, you must be a follower of The Shadow Farm Blog or follow theshadowfarm on Twitter. If you already are, thanks. If not, join up and let me know.

Write a Blog entry about this Giveaway = 1 entry

Tweet about this Giveaway = 1 entry

Write a new blog entry about your favorite Shadow Farm post = 1 entry

You may accumulate as many as 4 Entries. "How is this possible?", you ask...well, to have your entries counted, you must tell me as a comment on this blog post what you have done to earn the above 3 entries. Then, follow the person who has commented above you ( and tell me) to earn the 4th entry. The first person to comment, gets the 4th entry as a freebie, since there is nobody above them.

Here's the prize! I am making Gruesome Easter Eggs to sell on Etsy this year. You will win one egg in your choice of color PLUS your choice of any Shadow Farm on Etsy item $40 or less.( item must be available for sale at the end of this contest.)

Contest will run until midnight, March 27th (central) Valid entries will be chosen at random on

Good Luck, and thanks again for being a part of The Shadow Farm!


  1. Well, I think all that's missing is your dark interpretation of the Easter Bunny now, Dave.

    These are terrific. Not just the execution of them, but the whole concept. Good luck with the giveaway!

  2. Here is your blog entry:

    I have RT your Tweety'ness - But can't find the link to it. :(

    I can't pick just one of your props that are favorites so I have blogged about many. :)

  3. Oh... I already follow KingUnicorn, heh.

  4. Blogged:

  5. And I already follow Kimily as well. Read her blog post about your giveaway in my Blog Reader before I had even come to yours, LOL. (Thanks for the heads up, Kimily!)

  6. I already follow you, and as Dawn can attest, I go to her site all the time too (which is where I got the notice that you've started your contest). I will now tweet about it :)

  7. I follow you here.
    I don't twitter but I posted about you on fabebook here!/theworldinsidemyhead?ref=profile . Does that count?
    and I blogged about your giveaway on my blog here

  8. Ok I just signed up for Ghoul Friday's email list to follow her blog as well with the email

  9. I Tweeted :)
    I'm already following this blog, and your Twitter...
    And just followed MR Damien above :)

  10. hey, this is so exciting by the way, those eggs are great (along with everything else o'course)!

    itweeted this giveaway here>

  11. i blogged about this giveaway here>

  12. i am now following EyeScream Industries here>

  13. Great giveaway, thanks for being so generous!

    I am sorry that it took me so long to get this on my blog, but it is posted today. I retweeted your tweet, I have been following your blog and admiring your work (with great joy and envy :D) for a long time.

    I would follow the person above me except that their profile is hidden. So, sorry, but I did follow the two people on here that I was not luck me to find two new blog friends.

    BTW - great idea, the following the person above you for an entry. Great way to help us all get to know each other.

    Again, thanks for sharing.


  14. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your goodies! These eggs are f'ing fang-tastic!

    I am now a follower of your blog and am now folling TheFrogQueen/HauntedGardens---Rockin blog and eyecandy there!

    Unfortunately, I don't really have a blog for anyone to follow. I also don't twitter but hurray for two entries!


  15. Thanks much for the interest and the help spreading the word! Good luck to everyone!

  16. I've tweeted!

  17. Ooh.... oh.

    Why, yes, I'm following you, Dave.

    Ah... as for the person after me...
    I don't really have a blog 'to follow'...

  18. I've blogged!

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  19. inspirational as always dave. VERY generous giveaway. i have followed your blog for a while, posted about your giveaway here my wife (carolines crafts) tweeted on my behalf, and i am now following birdbox blog (hey icitea!). i will post again about another of your entries but haven't yet.
    thanks dave!

  20. Hi Dave! ~ I found you through my friend Phil's blog "Halloween Tinkering." YAY & what deliciously SpOOky eggs!!! '-)

    Oh and I'm a follower now.

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-:

  21. One more blog entry for you Dave:

  22. This contest is officially closed.