Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ephram Vessell

He is the groundskeep of the small church cemetery situated just up the road from the Shadow Farm. Ancient, feeble, mute, and mostly blind, he was given the job and a small shack out back to call his home. He is often seen taking handouts of a most unusual variety from the local crazy 'bottle lady'...what he does with these strange objects remains a mystery.


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  3. lips are moving but i cant hear what he is saying :)

  4. So how do you make it move? Servos? Hacked fan motor? What are you using to make the lips move?

  5. I have become comfortably Pyro.

    Movement is driven by a small dc motor that drives a lever causing the head to raise and lower. A how-to for this prop is on my to-do list this year.
    The lips do not move...although they sure appear to be moving in the vid.