Sunday, July 1, 2012


Desperatey Sad, Moana turns to the local witch for help...

the ghost of August Morley

Father Mouldyvine

 Father Mouldyvine is one of the Elder statesmen in The Order of the Charred Femur. He can be seen from time to time performing certain rites amongst the graves behind the Shadow Farm. He is very large and lumbering, but is a kindly old gourd.  If cornered, members of the order will swear his rituals are benign. They adamently insist they are meant only to unite the bretheren and bring a sense of history to their lonely group of creatures. Until recently, the text with which the Father reads has remained top secret, even unto the highest members of the order.

This rare glimpse--taken at great risk of personal safety--- leaves us wondering if we have been told the truth about the good Father Mouldyvine.