Thursday, April 26, 2012

Badger & Beane

Badger & Beane

Dry Goods

Badger and Beane have traveled. They have seen the dark reaches and have explored the borders of the known world. Their collections are widely known and well publicized.  Badger & Beane specialize in "previously owned'  items, particularly burial shrouds, coffin nails, and teeth.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Monte's Induction

Monte had always wanted to be a member. When his secret invitation to the Order of the Charred Femur arrived he was beside himself with excitement. He had heard whispers of  the odd ceremonies performed in dark places and just knew that as a creature of the night he would fit right in.
The night of his first meeting he was wrought with anticipation. He donned the ceremonial scarf and fez, and flew off to the order's lair. Upon entering the weathered old shack, Monte stood in utter disbelief at the wonders and horrors amassed over the mellenia by countless members.

 "I have made a mistake," Monte thought to himself. " This is bigger than I imagined."

"I should go now."

Monte soon found out there is no leaving The Order of the Charred Femur.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Collections of Dr. Mortenson

 There is a small scrap of a wood shingle awkwardly placed near the mouth of a groundhog burrow behind the large barn on The Shadow Farm. Scratched into the wood , the letters read "Dr. Mortenson, Embalmer".  The burrow was recently discovered and investigated, unveiling an odd little creature. Dr. Mortenson is about the size of a very small cat, and is very skilled in the collection and preservation of some very extraordinary specimens. It is unclear why Dr Mortenson has such a collection, and also a mystery as to where many of his specimens come from.
Dr Mortenson and his collection will be available for a detailed inspection and purchase on May 10th. Please purchase your ticket now from The Shadow Farm to attend this one-night only opportunity.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just a reminder....

Word has it that this show could sell out...Please check out the upcoming RAW:the Blend show in Indianapolis, and purchase your tickets through my artist profile. Everyone who buys tickets from me will have a chance to win two of my original creations! Click here for details on my giveaway.Link

Friday, April 13, 2012

Edgar: a work in progress

I have been piecing at poor Edgar for a few weeks now. There is something about this little guy that I find fascinating. He has an old soul with an aura of profound sadness. At this point in the artistic process I like to pause and get to know the creature a bit before adding the finishing touches. Where does Edgar live? What does he do? (and most importantly) What has made him so sad?

Edgar will be going with me to the RAW:natural born artists show on May 10th.

RAW: the Blend. ( buy a ticket, win some art)

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been chosen to participate in the RAW:natural born artists show on May 10 in Indianapolis. I sincerely hope to meet some of my followers at the show, and am excited at the prospect of being introduced to a great variety of local artists. While it would be nice to meet people who are already fans of my work, I know that it just isn't possible for many of you to attend. I am going to have a small contest to include anyone who would like to participate even if they can't make it to the show.

This one is really to "the Blend" are only $10. Everyone who purchases a ticket under my artist profile will be entered to win the items shown above. You can purchase here and choose "the Shadow Farm" as the artist you would like to support. Pay with paypal or credit card and comment on this post to tell everyone you are entered...easy-peasey! I will draw a name at random from everyone who purchases a ticket and announce the winner on May11.

Thanks to everyone who has watched my art develop over the past few years. It is your support that has kept me going when my inspiration sometimes failed.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

RAW: natural born artists show

I have been accepted to participate in the Indianapolis premier event for RAW: natural born artists. The show is to be held in Indianapolis on May 10th, and will feature artists of all kinds of media including Film, Performing Art, Fashion, Photography, and Music.

Mark your calender! Tickets NOW AVAILABLE for only $10. If you cannot attend, please consider sponsoring me by purchasing a ticket anyway ( make sure to click thru my Artist page to purchase)

Monday, April 2, 2012

i know a place

That holds a secret. I haven't visited for quite a while, so today when I had some spare time I decided to pay a visit to some old friends. It is nearly a mile hike back to the nest. The entire time, I am running thru different scenarios of what could have happened since my last visit ; wind, lightening, floods, and poachers could have very easily uprooted the stately sycamore that has been the home to a pair of Bald Eagles for five years now. I try to stay calm as i round the corner to where I can first glimpse the home, prepared for disapointment should the pair have been forced to relocate. However, yet again, I see quickly that nest is still there, and has grown larger since my last visit.

Today I find the mother sitting on eggs, her head barely visible over the rim of the gargantuan nest.
The father silently flies in to deliver lunch to his patient mate. My camera work was not quick enough to capture the exchange of the carp he brought in. And just as quickly, he flies off to work on the next meal.

Spring Break 2012

The Shadow Farm Class of 2012 lines up for a photo.

All dressed up...

...except my new eyes haven't arrived yet.