Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Icharus Revisited

Sneek peak at the new and improved paint job on one of my all time favorite sculpts. I am very glad I gathered the courage to re-do him!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shop rehab continues

Work on the shop has progressed over the last week. Above is an in-progress picture of the new space before the addition of a proper workbench top. The ultra-cluttered table in the center is on casters, making it a versatile piece of furniture in a very small shop space. I happened to score big with a cast-out laminate desk top from work this week. Below, my art bench is really starting to take shape. Still planned is the addition of shelf space under the bench, additional shelves above the bench, and better lighting.
I have also started the re-paint of my old friend Icharus. I really like this character, but his current paint scheme has always bothered me. He was one of my first air-brush pieces and I was never satisfied with the depth and variation of color...I will do much better this time with all the tricks I have learned.

And totally off-topic...This is Jane in mid-yawn. Doesn't she look evil?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Outrageous Giveaway Winner!

The oracles at Random.Org have spoken.

The winner of The Shadow Farm Outrageous Giveaway is Ghostie.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter and shared pictures and stories of your Shadow Farm creations in their new homes. I really enjoyed hearing from each of you and appreciate your support for my art.

PeanutGnome's Contest entry

PeanutGnome was one of the very first to show interest in my Outrageous Giveaway contest, and purchased one of my Gruesome Easter Eggs so he would qualify to participate. Currently his item is locked in the wasteland somewhere between Edmonton and the border of The Shadow Farm. I really expected it to arrive by now. So in an effort to wrap up my contest, I am making his entry official. Check out PeanutGnome's World and the dEdmonton.com Halloween Festival .I would also like to recommend his new project dEdmonton TV on YouTube , a short and sweet podcast promoting Halloween goodness worldwide.

Sorry for the long Shipping Time PeanutGnome! Good luck in the contest.

So with that, the Shadow Farm Outrageous Giveaway Contest is officially closed. I will turn the list of names over to the demons at Random.org later tonight and make the official announcement of the grand prize winner. Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck to you all!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And the winner is.....

...going to be announced later this week. In the meantime, here's a photo of Lloyd and Louise from my collection of old strange photos.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Shop Rehab

The itch has hit. I have been thinking about re-arranging the shop for quite a while, and with the warm weather yesterday I finally worked up the energy to start. What you see above is actually the "after" picture. I did not have the foresight to take a before shot...it was just too depressing. Keep in mind that what is shown is an in-progress shot and that I am nowhere close to being done. My shop is a one-car attached garage, and I share the space with a bunch of clutter from the house. Re-arranging was alot like those little handheld games where you slide tiles around to form a picture...moving one thing usually means moving three or four things first. I won't bore you with all the details of the move, but it went something like this
Garage shelf to shed> rearrange shed> move freezer> move main storage shelf down 5 feet> move table saw> rearrange all shelves> find old props in need of repair> abandon all hope of completing project> sweep> take a break> regain the resolve to clean> shovel out a ton of trash> re fill shelves> sleep.

So now I am in a holding pattern, awaiting time and $$ to build a new workbench in the space shown in the center where the empty white wall is. Storage will be key to completing the task, getting all unnecessary items off the bench tops and in an easily accessible and organized place. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, I will be cleaning up a pair of old friends, Darwin and Icharus. They are probably the most involved character sculpts I have done, but sadly have been neglected and subjected to the rigors of a cluttered shop. Once complete, I will be offering them up for adoption on Etsy.

Spooky1's Contest Entry

Spooky1 is a member of HauntForum, and also happens to be the husband of the previous contest entrant RoxyBlue. This pair of haunters has been frequent customers of The Shadow Farm, taking turns purchasing scary items for each other. Most recently, Spooky1 purchased the Skeletal Cat as a Valentine's Day present.

"The Christmas Goblin (Electric Goblin) and most recently the Skeletal Cat proudly reside on our entertainment center among an assortment of fantasy creatures, including two other Dave creations (Pumpkin Bettie & White Reaper seen in RoxyBlue’s submission). Roxy and I have gifted each other with these unique and wonderful creations over the last year or so. The Electric Goblin seems unsure of his new neighbor, thinking the Skeletal Cat may covet his prized Christmas lights. While the Skeletal Cat has quickly made himself at home in his new digs, between the Goblin and the beautiful Pumpkin Bettie, though at night I imagine he may wander away from his tombstone to acquaint himself with his new neighborhood & neighbors.

Dave, I gave Roxy the Skeletal Cat as an early Valentine’s Day present and she loves him. Thanks again for creating such wonderful creatures, they make the most unique gifts."

Thanks so much to both Spooky1 and RoxyBlue for keeping The Shadow Farm in mind when searching for unique and spooky gifts for each other.

There is one more contest entry out there anxiously awaiting the arrival of his Shadow Farm purchase. I have decided to bring an early close to this contest, and will pick the winner as soon as the final entry is received. I will however accept new entries until that final one is posted (see contest rules and edit for complete details) I send out a wholehearted Thank You to every one who has entered the contest and wish each of you the best of luck!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Outrageous Giveaway Contest almost Over!

Just a few hours left to make a purchase from my etsy shop and still participate in my Giveaway Contest. Check out my shop and get your purchase in before midnight tonight!

Friday, February 11, 2011

RoxyBlue's Contest Entry

RoxyBlue is a very quiet sort of person...shy, reserved, and never seems to have much to say.

( hack...cough...sputter gets off the floor from a laughing fit )

Ok...maybe not. If you have ever been over to HauntForum, chances are you have met up with RoxyBlue in one for or another. She is one of the forum Moderators and most likely it's most active member. ( current post count over 32,000 posts!) Roxy contacted me to make a special Pumpkin Creature as a gift for her hubby inspired by Betty Paige and other pin-up girls. Adapting my style to the pin-up genre was challenging and a lot of fun! After the Pumpkin Betty sculpt, Roxy came back for more of my work, showing off several of my pieces on her mantle.
Pumpkin Betty and the regal Winter Reaper currently reside atop our
entertainment center, a place that is peopled with gargoyles and
fairies, dragons and witches, and other creatures both macabre and
haunting. Ms Betty privately considers herself the most alluring of the
inhabitants of her small world and is rumored to be carrying on a mild
flirtation with one of the many gargoyles populating the house. She is
occasionally coy, sometimes petulant, but she has a kind heart and
cheerfully shares her space with the also alluring pin-up minion Salome.

The Winter Reaper, an older and infinitely wiser being, considers
herself above the youthful games of her neighbors. She rarely speaks,
preferring to observe, listen, and absorb every detail of the world
around her. Her ever-extended arm stands as a symbol that, pleasant as
the current moments may be, they are but fleeting and the future will be
upon us all before we know it.

I am really excited to see my work right alongside another pin-up inspired piece created by Ghoul Friday. Thanks Roxy! Now seriously, you need loosen up a bit on the forum....

The cut-of to make a purchase from my shop and enter the contest is coming soon. Check the Outrageous Giveaway rules for details. Get you entry in for a chance to win your choice of any item from my etsy shop!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Haybudden's Contest Entry

I have greatly enjoyed reading all the accounts of my creations in their new homes...the mischief they have been causing, the snide remarks, the inspirational surrounds of their new abodes. Each and every one of you has obviously taken great pains to give your Shadow Farm creations a decent home. Haybudden, on the other hand, has raised the bar and not only given his adoptees a home...he has looked into the soul of the creation and found the perfect environment to allow them to fully express their essence.

"The Harbinger was the first of ShadowFarm's creations that we brought home and he wasn't the last. Seeing that he and I shared the same tastes I knew that he would be a perfect addition to our home and I wasn't disappointed. From the moment of his arrival The Harbinger settled in nicely alongside the humidor and has guarded it faithfully ever since. Family and friends visit often and always seem to be drawn to him. Those that have commented on him in the past seem to find new praise whenever they see him again.

The Bishop takes center stage with some of my favorite bottles. Here he offers the temperance that one might need when choosing to imbibe, not that I need it. The shelving separates the breezeway entrance into our kitchen, which means that we get to enjoy him each and every day."

Thanks much Haybudden. I appreciate the pictures and kind words you have sent, and am thrilled to see the guys looking so much at home.

The end of this contest is drawing near. So far I have 9 entries in the running for the grand prize. If you haven't entered yet, what are you waiting on? Check the rules and give it a shot! Somebody will be winning their choice of any item from my shop...you have nothing to loose! Thanks yet again to everyone who has purchased from my shop and all the entries so far.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Hatchling, small version

One of my large Halloween props in 2009 was entitled "The Hatchling" . It was a graveyard monument that depicted a creature just emerging from a pumpkin shell. This piece took me weeks to complete, and the detailing never seemed to end. Recently I made a small version of this concept to sell on Etsy. It was alot of fun to work in a small scale. The new version is a mere 5 1/2 inches tall, but would make a great accent piece to keep out all year long.

Monday, February 7, 2011

RavenFaes Creations' Contest entry

Raven from RavenFaes Creations has the honor of having purchased one of my largest pieces to date. When I set out to create the Pumpkin Lantern Holder, I really had no clue what I was doing. In my usual style, I allowed the process and developing character to guide the end result. Since then, I have made two others very similar to this piece, but none seemed to capture the playful spirit of Autumnal hauntings quite like the original.

"Your creepy little critters have completely captivated my heart and haunt my studio where I can look upon them each and every time I go out to my sacred space! I've included pics of 2 of the 3 deadly darlings (my uncle now has Goon the Butcher - I reluctantly gave it to him after his incessant pleading). I am going to be keeping my fingers crossed (makes it rather hard to type this damn email but anyway). Looking forward to the announcement of the lucky lucky winner!!"
Thanks a bunch Raven! It really is great knowing that a couple of my creations are there during your creative excursions...hopefully they are kind to the Hob Dumplins. ( If not, let me know and I'll write them a strongly worded letter telling them to behave!) Good luck in the contest!

Less than a week left to enter! Check out the details and get with it folks! The clock is ticking....

Labyrinth Creations' Contest Entry

Pam from Labyrinth Creations has quite an assortment of critters from The Shadow Farm. I had to giggle when I opened her email to see her three lined up...I had almost forgotten about the crazy thing on the right...still not quite sure what I was thinking when I made it, but I named the creation "Bad Radish." Sometimes the strangest things come to me while I sculpt. It's great to see these guys have a home in such great company!

"These little guys stick with me year-round--they occupy a place of honor smack dab in front of one of Pumpkinrot's groundbreakers and they are surrounded on all sides by 'folks' just like them. Actually, they and a host of other ghouls and bizarre creatures enjoy looking down on me from their shelves as I do my sculpting. They think nothing of throwing out little pithy sayings and criticizing the hell out of my work while I'm trying to concentrate and get something done. As you can see in the photograph, the little bad-ass pumpkin dude is permanently disgusted with my work while little round 'many-arms' consistently tries to scare the living daylights out of me. Fortunately, bony wizard kitty is more laid back and while he enjoys the comments and insults from the peanut gallery, he seems to have a bit of pity for me and keeps the situation from getting out of hand.
So, that's how life is progressing for your wonderful little creations since they have departed from "The Shadowfarm". They are, despite their somewhat contemptuous attitude towards me, well-loved and they know it!"

Take a few minutes and go check out Pam's website www.Labyrinth-Creations.com. She is truly a talented artist! Thanks for your support of me and my artwork, Pam! Good Luck in the contest.

One week left! If you haven't yet entered, it is not too late. Check out this post for the details on how to get a chance to win your choice of any item in my etsy shop!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love is Forever

Looking for a unique way to express your "Undying" love this Valentine. Nothing says forever like this morbid gothic curiosity just listed on Etsy. I have 3 Valentine Crypts available for immediate shipping. All orders will be mailed within 24 hours of purchase. Get tht freaky special someone a gift that will not be forgotten this year.

Tuck's Contest Entry

I have known Tuck for a while now. We met as members of HauntForum, and he has actually been to my house to participate in Make-n-Take prop building sessions. I thought it was really cool when he purchased "Sibling Rivaly" last summer. Later, when his wife contacted me with a special commission request I was a bit nervous about how to do the subject justice and still retain my own style. Tuck writes:

"I purchased Sibling Rivalry as a gift for my brother. He was just getting into all things Halloween and I knew his Christmas present this year should be something related. I browsed through Dave's creations and found that this sculpture fit the relationship between my brother and I perfectly, well perhaps not anymore but as kids I'm sure there were many times we were close to killing each other. The only problem was when it arrived I did not want to give it up. With a little persuasion from my wife we wrapped it back up and gave it to him on Christmas. He absolutely loved it. It is now proudly displayed on his TV stand for all to see.

The second purchase came as a surprise from my wife. After she saw the disappointment in my eye when I had to give Sibling Rivalry away she commissioned Mr. the Dead to do a piece for our anniversary. I do not know how Dave felt creating something that was a bit on the happy side but I was ecstatic about it when I opened it up. The happy pumpkin couple have just the right amount of happiness and oddness that shows off Dave's talents. The amount of detail in their hands and feet, not to mention the perfectly tailored clothing make this piece all the better. They reign supreme on the plant pyramid in our dining room all year long (which is a big deal as the wife doesn't like holiday pieces to sit out all year). They are a nice reminder of Halloween each time I look at them, not to mention how awesome my wife is for getting such a great piece."

Thanks Tuck ( and your wife) for purchasing my art and supporting my habit. I am proud to know that two of my pieces have made the jump from just Halloween decorations to 'all-year' pieces. Good luck in the contest!

Time is ticking away! Don't forget to send in your entry for my Outrageous Giveaway contest!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ghosties' Contest Entry

What a fantastic story this is! Ghosties purchased three of my Pumpkin Creatures at the very height of their production in 2009. I ran a series of the little characters ( 16 in all) where I endeavored to make each creature a unique personality. During this phase, I decided to number them rather than attempt to give each one a name. Ghosties tells the story of how she came upon the name for her trio of Pumpkins.

"I am sending you a picture of the three pumpkin creatures I bought from The Shadow Farm. I love the Pumpkin creatures, and so I had to have three of them. Here they are in all their Halloween glory, being displayed in the Curiosity Cabinet in my living room.

I have gotten a good range of comments on them; "That's just creepy"...."I love their expressions" (so do I!)....."WHAT did you say they were?". "They're kinda cute...in a weird sort of way." But my favorite comment is from my Dad. My Dad really liked them. Dad was wheelchair bound for the last 2 years of his life, so when I went to see him one day last October I took "The Boys" with me. He turned them over and over, and kept looking at them, but didn't say anything right away. I thought that was all the reaction I was going to get, but when I left that night he said "Bring the Three Stooges back with you when you come." And that's how they got their names.

So here are "Larry", "Moe", and "Curly" getting into more mischief; seems they found a skull in the back yard, and they were trying to figure out what it was from.
Larry; "I know! It's a Dragon!"
Moe; "No it's not, you nucklehead!"
Curly; "It's a Grouse!....Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!"

Ghosties, thank you so very much for sharing this story. I am humbled to think that something that I created made such an impression on your father.

Keep the entries coming! I have really enjoyed getting back in touch with all of you and reading your stories, and seeing the pictures of my creations in their new homes. Go to THIS POST for details on how to enter and get a chance of winning your choice of any item from my Etsy shop.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Mop Ladies

A rare look at the Kitchen Mafia of the lower East Side.

be afraid.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dr TerrorEyes Enters the contest

Dr TerrorEyes has the distinction of being my first ever Etsy customer. When I made Nigel Skullsworth Pennington (the pumpkin-headed lad sitting on the mantle), I had a very hard time putting him up for adoption...once you name a creature it is hard to let it go. I see by this video that the good doctor has given Nigel a fantastic home. Doc wrote this about young Nigel:

"During the past couple of years I have told other Halloween enthusiasts on the "Halloween Forum" and at "HAuNTcon" about your beautiful, handcrafted pieces. My entire family was so very impressed with the "Nigel" character we received. We proudly display him every year during Halloween season. During the 1 or 2 Halloween parties we host each year, we ALWAYS receive wonderful comments on little Nigel, even from the TOT's on Halloween night. He's found a cozy spot on the fireplace's mantlepiece this year ( I caught him grinning through the hot glue cobwebs I sprayed all over that area!)
He's quite at home now among the bazoodles of props I've made and bought over the past few years. Your attention to detail is well appreciated and I look forward to finding nigel a "playmate". Who knows where the little guy goes while we're sound asleep.."
Take a few moments to chedk out some of the work Dr. TerrorEyes has produced thru the years in his album on Halloween Forum. His ability to turn an otherwise normal room into a complete haunted set is truly outstanding.

Thanks Doc! You are now entered in the Shadow Farm Outrageous Giveaway contest where he lucky winner will get to choose an item from my Etsy shop. Good Luck!

Glowreahhh's Skull / Giveaway entry

Glowreahhh just recently purchased this skull from my Etsy shop, but commented that she has been a lurker for quite a while. I am thrilled to see the skull displayed with a such a classy and creepy group of objects. Her comments that she sent with the picture are quite touching to me. Anyone who has followed this blog for a while knows that I had a very special relationship with my grandfather.

"I have been a stalker of your art for some time now, and once I saw the skulls I had to dig in and join the elite group of folks lucky enough to own a piece of the Farm.
My grandfather was a magician (and a doctor) who passed away a few months ago. When he passed I was asked what mementos I wanted from his home. Immediately I said I wanted the iguana playing the harp, the (real human) skulls from the bookcase, and the coffin with the glass window. Well, I got the iguana playing the harp. So I decided to replicate my grandfather's display with this awesome skull from the Farm. I think he fits in quite nicely. Grandpa would approve."

I am honored that one of my pieces will help remind you of your Grandfather. Thanks for sharing your wonderful picture and comments. ( I am really curious about that Iguana, though...any chance of seeing a picture of it?)

Thanks, and good luck in the contest.

Full details about my Outrageous Giveaway contest can be found here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another cool old photo

This photograph always reminds me of Lemony Snicket's Baudelaire children.

...although one of this foursome must have met with a serious unfortunate event to have been written out of the story.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Little Ice Storm before the Big Ice Storm

This is what my yard looks like after 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice coated everything last night. Currently the area is bracing for Round 2 of the storm and expecting another inch or so of ice, high winds and snow. Why is it that some of the most dangerous events in nature are also the most beautiful?

The Frog Queen goes Easter?

I have made many odd little beasties thru the years, but who would have thought Easter Eggs would be among the creations from a dark and dismal place such as the Shadow Farm? Oh wait...one side bright and pretty, the other reavealing a fetal skeleton? Ok, that makes more sense! I remember the day when the order came thru. I don't think my wife understood the significance when I announced I had sold two Easter Eggs to THE DAVIS GRAVEYARD! Since then I have watched the genius of the Frog Queen and her minions as they set the bar for home haunters world-wide...and now I find out that my Gruesome Easter Egg has a spot of distinction in her home.

"I just couldn't pack him away with the other Easter decorations. I mean, the fluffy bunnies in the storage bin* would just die of fright, and we cannot have that, so I decided he had to have a forever home in my potions/music room, but where? See his is small and wobbly enough to become an instant cat toy if left unsupervised. I have shelves….high shelves…..they are no deterrent to the felines in my house. In fact, I think they actually like the challenge.

So, where to put him……and then I notice the wreath on my wall is earth tones just like him….if I put him in here he will all but disappear. I will be one of those follies I have around the house that you have to be looking for to find. This is absolutely perfect.

….but I still do not trust the cats…..so just to be sure he was safe and sound, I put two of my best undead fairies to watch him.

* “the frog queen has fluffy bunnies…say it is not so! The world is undone!” - :D Okay, I was kidding about the fluffy bunnies…..but you have to admit that is truly a scary thought."

Thanks Frog Queen and all your lovely minions that carry the Halloween spirit thru the year. I have to confess to you that when I sent the egg along with a dark eight-legged protector I truly had no idea of your arachnophobia. ( seriously)

The Frog Queen is now entered into my Outrageous Giveaway Contest. Check here for full details on how you can be entered.