Friday, August 2, 2013

The Bone Polisher (by Fox G)

 This week I had a special guest helping in the shop. My nephew Fox came to visit, and wanted to make his very own animatronic creepy prop.
In Fox's words:

"It just was a stupid bear from my grandma, and it wasn't even Christmas when I got it. I had no use for it so I gave it to my Uncle Dave. He didn't use it, so when I got there we decided to take it apart...and look what we found inside! A baby stomach!!!
When we got all of the fur off, his arms were made of wire, his legs made of metal, and his head is a plastic rectangular circle. So we were thinking on what we could make him into.

We found this black skull, and set it on the plastic part.

 I liked the way it looked, but it was not scary enough so we put eyes in it. But the eyes had too much gap in it, so we put clay around it. As we waited for it to dry, we thought of what the clothes should be. So we started to put on clothes, but when we put on the clothes we saw the baby pinkness of the stomach. We spray painted it black and put black cloth on it. Then we put bones on its arms and spray painted them black. Then the eyes dried and then we got all the clothes on. So we put it on, and put a hood for it. And we put decorations. We had a bone and a brush.

This is how he turned out. When we plug him in, we made it so he will brush his bone and turn his head side to side. I decided that since he is now a monster, I had to make a story for him of how he turned to a monster.
and his story is....
He was an old bone polisher and there was a car wreck in front of his shop, and when the car hit the window, it splashed shiny paint. When he screamed, the black paint went in his mouth, coloring all his bones totally black. And that is how he turned into who he is now.

This is my creation by Fox."

I think Fox did a great job with his new monster. He is very proud of it, and plans on keeping it in his camper to scare everyone.