Monday, August 15, 2011

New witch completed

I just finished this witch as a custom order for one of my past Etsy customers. I do not mind saying this gal gave me quite a bit of trouble....there was something elusive about her facial expression early in the sculpt that drove me nuts. Early on, the expression was character or emotion displayed whatsoever. The unfinished piece sat on my bench for several weeks, staring up like a dead fish, mocking my lack of creative inspiration. I have learned that when a piece doesn't feel right it is best to put it away until new thoughts emerge. Such was the case with this witch....last week a new approach on the facial features came to me, inspired by the twin witches I posted last week. I raised the cheekbones, dropped the brow, defined some deep scowling lines in tightly pursed lips and all of a sudden she had an attitude. After I overcame that hurdle, the rest of the sculpt was relatively easy.

Creatures on the bench!

There has been a lot of activity in my shop lately in preparation for upcoming shows. This batch of creatures is merely the tip of the iceberg for the planned hoard I intend to unleash on the world over the next few months.
For those of you keeping track, this batch represents my first attempt at a ghost, a vampiric amphibian, and a virginal duck. I do not intend to list these pieces on etsy. If by chance you see something here that you just have to possess, contact me at and I could be swayed to release the creature ahead of time.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Sisters of the Waning Moon

Deep in the woods on the last nights before the moon goes dark, a chanting can be heard beneath the whispering wind and the drone of crickets. Some say it is merely the incessant call of the katydids rasping away in the night. But I know different. I have heard the twisted voices of a pair of twin witches known as The Sisters of the Waning Moon. Few have actually seen the old hags as they circle the abandoned well, chanting an ancient spell into the echoing abyss. Few would want to recount the memories of an encounter with evil divided. I have seen the Sisters but cannot allow myself to describe them for fear of losing my already shattered mind.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lyle Skullsworth

The newest piece to come off the bench. This week I will get production in full gear for the upcoming season. From this point out, I will be holding back many of the pieces I show here on the blog in preparation for the 65th annual Irvington Halloween Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you will be in the area on October 29th, mark you calendar and come see The Shadow Farm in person! Link