Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Golden Foot of Archie McCain : Part 3

The old codgers watched as Archie practiced kicking the ball. They smoked their stogies and drank their Milwaukee's Best. "I swear to ya," one would say to the other," I can see sparks fly when the boy hammers that football. I ain't never seen nothin' like it." They marveled to each other each time the ball went sailing down Green Street.

The scouts took notice of Archie's monumental, game-winning record kick, and now took turns knocking on the McCain's front door. Over the coming month's, Archie had been visited by representatives from every Big 10 college, each extolling the virtues of their particular interest, trying to get a piece of Archie's golden foot. Archie's dad loved the attention, and spent many hours chatting with the scouts and taking advantage of their spending accounts. He never hesitated to suggest that perhaps they should discuss his boy's future over dinner, knowing that each college would try to outspend the next. "Archie, my boy'" his father now said,"you have earned your ticket to college. Now is the time for you to start thinking pro. Keep your mind on kicking and you will be set for life."

It didn't take long before Archie became a sensation in college. The fans now cheered every time he took the field, knowing it meant a sure 3 points no matter what the distance. His followers now made yellow cardboard cutouts to wave like a flag as they chanted his name from the stands. Archie continued to practice, continued to wear holes in his shoes, and continued to dream of kicking the winning fieldgoal in the Rose Bowl. However, in his blossoming manhood, Archie had noticed a particular young lady that soon became his steady girlfriend. They quickly became serious about each other, but Archie still dreamed of kicking and stayed true to his father's advice. He explained to her why they couldn't take their relationship to the next level, and promised that as soon as he kicked the winning fieldgoal in the Rose Bowl and signed a contract with the NFL, they would be married and could do whatever they pleased. "Don't you mess around with that girl." his father's advice still rang true in his ears. " Don't you change a thing Archie, and you will be set for life." His father's advice had been sound all these years, and he had followed and trusted this mantra. It had taken him this far...just a bit longer and he could share his dreams with his new found love.

It was a phenomenal year for Archie's team. They won every game, although some did come down to a last ditch fieldgoal from ridiculously long distances. In these games, the coach would laugh and send in the man with the golden foot. It was like money in the bank. Archie sliced the college records, and knew it was all coming true. His future was already written. He was set for life. Knowing this, Archie's dreams now turned to love and sex and marriage.....and kicking with his golden foot.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Golden Foot of Archie McCain : Part 2

By the time he was in high school, Archie had become very popular because of his golden foot. He was the youngest player ever to make the varsity squad. A gang of girls followed him everywhere, competing for the chance to be his first love. "Don't let them girls distract you Archie, " his dad warned. "If you just keep kicking, you'll get a full scholarship to college. That foot of yours is golden, Archie. Don't you change a thing and you'll be set for life." Archie knew it was true. He could see well beyond high school by now. He dreamt of college and of kicking the winning fieldgoal in the Rose Bowl. Archie also knew that his parents couldn't afford to send him to college, especially now that he was wearing out the toes of his special Redwings at the rate of about a pair each season. Archie spent all his free time kicking the football, ignoring the advances of the entire cheer squad. On Homecoming night, the score was tied with just a few seconds left. Archie's team had the ball and it was 3rd and long. Archie trotted onto the field with confidence, knowing his time had come. Even though it was to be a 62 yard attempt, the coach knew it was in the bag. The ball was snapped, and just as he had dreamed his entire life, Archie floated the ball through the uprights, carving his name in the school record books as having kicked the longest fieldgoal ever. As he prepared to bask in the glory of the homecoming dance and dressed to go meet his date, Archie's dad helped him straighten his tie and said in a solemn tone, "Archie, now you listen to me, boy. Don't you mess around with them girls, Archie. You're almost there, boy. That foot of yours is golden, and there were college scouts watching you tonight. Don't you change a thing, and you'll be set for life. Promise me boy. Don't you mess around with them girls." Archie knew it was true. If he could just make it to college he had plenty of time then for girls. His golden foot would get him there as long as he didn't change a thing.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Golden Foot of Archie McCain

This is an amusing little story I wrote in September 2007 after awakening from a very fitful night's sleep. I will present it in several parts over the next few days so as not to bore you all at once.

The Golden Foot of Archie McCain Part 1

Archie McCain had a golden foot. His father knew it early on. Young Archie, barely able to walk, could kick his SpongeBob ball halfway across the living room. Archie's dad would smile a huge toothy grin and say proudly to his wife, "That boy has a golden foot. If he keeps kicking like that, he'll be set for life." Archie and his dad spent hours playing ball every evening, and by the time Archie was ready for kindergarten he could kick a football over the roof of his house. Every night, Archie's dad tucked him into bed and would say "Archie, that foot of yours in turning to gold. You keep kicking like that and you'll be set for life. Don't you change a thing Archie. You'll be set for life." Archie fell asleep each night dreaming of playing football and kicking the winning fieldgoal in the big game.
The old codgers that lived on Archie's street remember him well. They would sit on their front porches on the hot summer evenings and watch Archie place kick the football up Green Street. "That boy sure can kick" they would say as they smoked their stogies and drank their Milwaukee's Best. "Yep, that foot of his is turnin' to gold." Archie spent hours upon hours kicking that football, dreaming of his chance to win the big game.
By the time he was in junior high school, Archie's parents had to special order steel toed shoes from the Redwing store downtown. Archie spent so much time kicking the football that he kept wearing holes in the toes of his shoes. The special shoes were expensive, but not nearly as expensive as replacing a pair of lesser shoes each week. His parents had very little money, but gladly paid the extra to keep Archie's golden foot protected. "Archie, you just keep kicking," his dad would say as he tucked him into his small bed with its tattered mattress and torn sheets. "That foot of yours is turning to gold. Don't you change a thing and you'll be set for life." Archie fell asleep and dreamed of kicking the winning fieldgoal in the big game.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

And the winner is.....

Congratulations to Phil from The mighty brains at have chosen him from the many entries of the Shadow Farm 2010 Easter Giveaway.
Phil will get his choice of one of my Gruesome Easter Eggs, and will also get to choose an item from my etsy shop to call his own. ($40 or less Phil....)

Thanks to everyone who entered this contest and have joined on to follow me on this blog and / or Twitter.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Last week for the Easter Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who has entered assured I know who you are and your entries will be counted...

If you haven't entered yet...what are you waiting on???? Go to this post to it now!

make sure to check out the rules so you get the maximum chances at the prize!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Going Herping tonight!

For those who are unfamiliar, "Herping"is a term used for going out searcing for amphibians. Specifically, I am looking for frogs and salamanders, who like to spawn in the cold waters of the early spring. A typical Herping adventure involves going out in the dark, wading into a likely pool or swampy spot, and observing creatures with a bright flashlight. It is easy to spot the liitle beasties because their eyes reflect the flashlight....but don't be fooled into thinking that all shiny eyes belong to frogs and salamanders...spiders eyes will shine back too!

Don't forget to enter the Shadow Farm Easter giveaway ( see post below!)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Shadow Farm 2010 Easter Giveaway!

Here it is folks, My first ever giveaway! Thanks to everyone who has joined me over the past year ( well, almost a year) Without further ado, here's how this contest will work:

To participate, you must be a follower of The Shadow Farm Blog or follow theshadowfarm on Twitter. If you already are, thanks. If not, join up and let me know.

Write a Blog entry about this Giveaway = 1 entry

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Write a new blog entry about your favorite Shadow Farm post = 1 entry

You may accumulate as many as 4 Entries. "How is this possible?", you ask...well, to have your entries counted, you must tell me as a comment on this blog post what you have done to earn the above 3 entries. Then, follow the person who has commented above you ( and tell me) to earn the 4th entry. The first person to comment, gets the 4th entry as a freebie, since there is nobody above them.

Here's the prize! I am making Gruesome Easter Eggs to sell on Etsy this year. You will win one egg in your choice of color PLUS your choice of any Shadow Farm on Etsy item $40 or less.( item must be available for sale at the end of this contest.)

Contest will run until midnight, March 27th (central) Valid entries will be chosen at random on

Good Luck, and thanks again for being a part of The Shadow Farm!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recent Projects before I go on Vacation

Just stopping in before I go AWOL for a week or so. I am getting ready to travel to Washington DC with my son's high school robotics team to compete in the FIRST Robotic's Breakaway competition. Should be a great time, and a fantastic experience for the kids to travel and compete in our nation's capitol ( can't say that without sounding like Forest
So in the meantime, here's a few projects I have wrapped up, and will be listing on Etsy
when I return.

Here's the first peek at the Creepy Easter Egg project I have been working on. Somebody's going to win one of these horrible eggs.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Calamari's Revenge: nearing completion

Painting of the body and exterior 'device' nearly complete now. I still need to paint the eyes, but am putting this off knowing that this one detail will make or break this sculpt. I will most likely go back and intensify some of the body highlighting...I have a tendency to hold back while painting in the early stages. The aging and general crustiness of the outer shell will get some highlighting, and I have begun the natural aging of the copper legs. A mixture of ammonia, vinegar, and salt will bring out a greenish-whitish patina to the copper. I will attempt to match this on some of the electrical components on the top shell to provide some contrast to the piece.