Monday, October 7, 2013

Eli Thatch (Motorized Pumpkin Sorcerer)

 Eli Thatch is one of the great Pumpkin Sorcerers of The Shadow Farm. His specialty is potions, and can brew up nearly any concoction known to man (and many not known to man). On the night of the full harvest moon, Eli takes his brass cauldron to the cemetery and mixes up a batch of magic on the bones of his ancestors that some claim results in the changing of the leaves that welcome Autumn to The Farm.
Allow me to geek out here for a minute. For many years I have wanted to miniaturize the classic Halloween yard prop "the cauldron stirrer". You know...adapt the coolness to a size suitable for my small art pieces. This year I feel I have succeeded. I know the haunters out there will be wanting to know how it is done, but in this case I want to keep the mechanism unique to The Shadow Farm. I can say, however, that I have both motions operating from a single 12v dc motor. The linkage is very simple, durable, and operates extremely smoothly with all the works housed inside the small crypt.