Thursday, September 23, 2010

Basil Shardington

Basil Shardington was once the Mortician and a trusted member of the Shadow Farm educated man respected by all. His constant exposure to death tainted his great scientific mind to the point of insanity. He developed a series of late-night secret experiments designed to cheat the Reaper, using corpses as his test subjects. Convinced he had developed a formula that held the promise of eternal life, Basil injected himself with his toxic cocktail. Now Basil is not quite dead, not quite alive...more ghoul than man. He roams the tombs and graveyards, forever obsessed with returning life to his embalmed customers.


  1. I love Basil and his story - he reminds me of The Hitcher from The Mighty Boosh, minus the Polos!

    And congrats on your Tar Phoenix II being on the front page of Etsy right now!

  2. I go underground with sickness for a few days and you go on a creative rampage. The figures are wonderful Dave.

  3. Great background story. It appeals to the death investigator in me:)