Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thoughts on lighting

I was browsing thru some old pictures and found this one from 2009. I like the warm sepia tone of the yellow/amber light and the contrast to the darkness at the top of the shot. I think a yard display that capitalized on this color theme would be very striking. No reds, greens, or even blue...just the blackness of night and the warm glow of candlelight.


  1. That is a great shot. It reminds me a bit of Rot's style of lighting from 2009.

  2. @Dave: Awesome shot man. I've been wanting to do all amber lighting for sometime now but always wimp out going with the traditional blues, greens, and reds. I might squeeze it into the mostly swampy greens I'm doing in 2011.

    @GoneferalinID: agreed, definitely reminds me of Rot's 2009 colors. But Rot's was a bit brighter where the above shot has a lot of depth and shadow.

  3. @Terrormaster. I have found that the amber partylights do a nice job, but sometimes aren't bright enough to get the right effect. The light in the above picture is a 40 watt white bulb spraypainted yellow...worked like a charm!

  4. I love it. I agree with you. We use primarily two colors of lighting in our display - it works perfectly with the existing light. And keeping the colors placed carefully keeps it from looking like a circus (which ours did for the longest time :)

    Yours is perfect.


  5. FQ, Thanks--although this is a single shot of a single prop...the overall display still had that 'circus' feel to it. Your display has been an inspiration due to the authenticity of the lighting (among about a thousand other reasons)