Friday, May 11, 2012

RAW: The Blend

The Shadow Farm at RAW: Indianapolis

 Quite an interesting event. I haven't heard an official count, but would gues that over 1500 attended RAW's premier in Indianapolis. I had a great time meeting other artists and talking about my work. It was amusing that many couldn't find words to describe my off-beat characters and their stories. The most common comparison was "It reminds me of Tim Burton's work." I take this as quite a compliment since I have always been such a fan. Below is just a sampling of some of the work presented by other artists...enjoy!





  1. Hooray for art shows! Hooray for a victorious evening! Display looked great ;)Glad it wasn't too dark in the place. I hope you were able to enjoy yourself!

    And yeah...that Tim Burton thing...we've talked about it before. People just have no other reference when they are paying you a compliment in comparisons. I just smile and say thanks. Once someone actually compared my work to Edward Gorey which I thought was really cool but couldn't see the similarities. But regardless, gave me a break from the Burton reference ;)

  2. I agree with all the great GF comments here. I'm glad you had such a terrific event to showcase your work at, and the display looked absolutely fantastic. Great use of lighting to create the right magical complement.

    I don't think your work is deserving of comparisons. You have a voice as strong - if not stronger (given his recent work) - as Burton's. One day, some young artist is going to hear, "Like the new work. Very Shadow Farm..."

    All in all, Bravo! Keep running down these events, Dave!