Sunday, September 29, 2013

Home Depot Halloween Style Challenge on "The Farm"

I have been a bad blogger. I admit has been a busy summer, but that's really no excuse. That badge you see next to this post (Home Depot Guest Blogger)...well that is partly the reason I have left this little piece of the internet silent for so long. A few months back, Home Depot invited me to participate in their Halloween Style Challenge. I was given a 'mystery box' and a gift card and was asked to design a space with a Halloween theme. True to my yard haunter roots, I went with my front yard. Read the post here and be sure to check out the complete series which include two of my personal favorites Love Manor and Stolloween.


  1. It's a beautiful display, Dave, and very kid-friendly:)

    Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)

  2. Wow, Dave ,what a great article. And haunt, too. It's cool to see your steps in modifying a pumpkin to fit your style.

  3. Your first paragraph, the part about the jointed paper decorations and such gave me a giant mischievous jack-o-lantern type grin!

    Nice job. From the very beginning you have always been an inspiration to me and one of my all time favorite haunters and prop builders.