Monday, February 13, 2017

I'm Baaaaack!

 Overdue update to my sorely neglected blog.....Seems I have regained some of my mojo. It has taken a while, but I believe the time away has allowed me to form a set of guidelines to work by, artistically speaking.
  • 1- Be true to my own style. I am unique in what I do, and I should play to my own strengths. 
  • 2- Only make things that I am truly engaged in. (no mindless "inventory"). Don't force the artistic process....take my time to get to know each piece, and let them build character. 

  • 3- Have fun. If it doesn't seem like fun, then why the heck am I doing it anyway? 
With these simple guidelines in mind, I have made the decision to limit my shows this year. At this point, I will only be exhibiting at The Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween (the reincarnation of Ghoultide Gathering)  I feel it is truly an honor to be invited to participate with this group of artists, and while it can be intimidating to show alongside such a talented group, I feel that participating pushes me to do my absolute best work.


  1. Helloooo :-) haaaa you are Come back! Great!
    i love yours creations <3
    it's true: Take your time and pleasure when you 're work ;-)
    lot of friendly dark kisses from France

  2. Welcome back, Dave!

    Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)

  3. Yay!! This is wonderful news! I'm always checking in to see if there's any updates. I'm so glad that you've come back around. I LOVE your work! Keep it up and welcome back!