Monday, May 4, 2009

Glimpses of the Fold

It all makes sense now.

Dreams. Dejavu. Time. Ghosts.

the voices.

and the small glimpses of movement that I have been seeing over the past few months. Little flits in the shadows. I turn my head quickly to see what it was, but there is never anything there. Was it a mouse? A cockroach? my imagination? It has been occurring with greater frequency..deep in the shadows, just out of sight. Always when I am thinking of something else. I can't make it just does. There in a flash then gone...did something just move? I don't know....maddening! But now a dawning of comprehension has occurred, connecting things i never realized. Should I pursue this new knowledge to the point of insanity? Or should i just discount it as passing fancy, returning to the comfort of being oblivious?It defies explanation, and yet somehow I am certain of the truth. Time has folded over on itself. And just as the daily newspaper has folds that force unlike events to go face to face, the folds in time force unlike events to share the same space if only for a fraction of a second. As these folds happen, it is possible to catch a glimpse of another time.

Dreams... memories of the past so vivid that they could be presently happening. Memories of things that never were...people you know but have never met.

Deja vu...Places you have been to but have never seen.

Ghosts...another time folded upon the present, sharing the same space. Somebody there, but not quite.

The motions in the shadows...the deep recess of the fold where beings in another time go about their business, unaware of the fold. And then just as suddenly as this fold has occurred, a wrinkle of time doubling over on itself , time snaps back into line and the fold is gone.


  1. Wow. It means so much more now reading this after what I had told you yesterday. The images and thoughts/words just seemed to flow in as if I truthfully was having a conversation in my head. No stutters just free flowing information. Now that I try to focus on the topic at hand my brain wants to roll through the rolodex of possibilities in my head of what it really could be. For you in this case there is an explanation. But what that is, still has yet to be discovered - and maybe it will never be. But I do know that the word "Magical" keeps coming through as a strong word. It's been with you for quite some time. And definitely nothing negative. And as I told you before be ready for more vivid dreams to come your way. It truthfully is just the beginning of what probably has felt as an already really long ride.