Sunday, May 17, 2009

What's In a Name?

It is interesting to me how some folks give their Halloween props and artwork names. It is even more interesting some of the names people come up with. I am a big fan of naming my props. I find that it helps me to give them character and emotion. Sometimes I will start with a name already firmly planted in my mind and build a piece around the name. Other times, the prop comes first and the name follows. I jokingly have said that there comes a point when the prop will whisper its name to me. My newest piece is truly a case where the prop has decided what his name needs to be. I have been working on this little guy off and on for a few weeks, and yesterday when I opened the door to the shop the name popped in my mind as soon as I looked at him.
Allow me to introduce you to Nigel Skullsworth Pennington. Little Nigel is a work in progress, and will be offered up for adoption on Etsy when completed.


  1. He's great Dave. Can I ask what you've made his stalk out of?

  2. Love it, do you ever sell your creations?