Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disappointing the kids

Last weekend I was working in the garage while a steady rain poured down. I had the door open and was in a nice mellow groove, sculpting a new pumpkin creature. From across the street, I heard the neighbor lady scream out to her kid "Get over here...NOW!!!!" Looking up from my work, I saw a 5 yr old boy coming up my driveway, halted in his progress by his mom's call.

"But mom..." he yells back, "he's MAKING SOMETHING!"

To me there is nothing quite like knowing that the neighborhood kids are sneaking peeks into my garage in hopes of getting a preview of scary things to come. It makes the hours upon hours of work setting up a yard display worthwhile.

I am a bit sad to think that this year the neighborhood kids will be disappointed. It is looking like my yard haunt won't be happening in 2010 for a variety of reasons. I'll provide more info on this in the coming weeks.


  1. I know if you lived near us it would not just be our kids sneaking peaks.

  2. nope, not just the kids, i'd be peaking too! sorry to hear your haunt won't happen this year. :(

  3. There are a pair of pre-K girls who live a few houses down from me...I catch them spying on me quite often....as soon as they know I have seen them, they squeal and run off. It is really kind of fun. When it comes to Halloween they aren't scared of ANYTHING...and I think I have had alot to do with that.

  4. :) Great story and I agree with Diane...it would be me sneaking a peak. Sorry to hear no haunt this year. Hope everything is okay at your end of the world.


  5. Oh man! I'm sorry to hear you won't be haunting this year. But I know what you mean about the kids getting excited early about your work.