Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Golden Foot of Archie McCain : Part 4

almost there! If you are just joining in, don't miss the previous parts to this tragic story.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The night before his team got the official announcement that they were bound for the Rose Bowl, Archie tossed and turned in his sleep. He dreamt of his father's advise. "Archie, don't you mess around with that girl until you sign an NFL contract. You have a golden foot, boy. Don't change anything and you'll be set for life." He dreamt of kicking, he dreamt of contracts and mansions, but mostly he dreamt of Anne. Archie truly was in love with her, and would ask her to marry him right after he won the Rose Bowl. It had been an amazing journey, and Archie could hardly believe it had all come true as he walked into the locker room in Pasadena, wearing a pair of nearly worn out Redwings. This was what he had been dreaming of his entire life. Every night filled with dreams of kicking. Every night heeding his father's advice...."Don't change a thing." The world now revolved around him. He had it in the bag. His life was laid out for him and he knew it. The game would come down to seconds and yet another impossible feildgoal. His parents, friends, schoolmates, fans (and even old codgers) would be watching as he kicked the game-winning fieldgoal. Every NFL team would be salivating to own the golden foot. The world now belonged to Archie McCain. And his dreams played out exactly as the script had been written. It all came down to 3 seconds on the clock, and Archie's golden foot was called in to save the day. In the celebration afterwards, Archie knelt down on a knee and proposed to Anne. She immediately accepted, and they embraced, the crowd melting away until there was no one left in the world but his dear sweet Anne. It was a moment like Archie had never felt, and his love swept all thoughts of contracts aside. "I've made it already, he thought to himself. Nothing could change my path now. Every NFL team wants me...the contract is mine with whoever I want. " He gave Anne a knowing wink, and they rushed upstairs to celebrate the win, their engagement and spend the night making sweet, passionate love to each other.

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