Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bishop-- work continues

Poor Bishop looks forlorn as he waits in line to be finished. Below he has donned a foil smock to protect his robes as he undergoes the first of many layers of paint.


  1. Wow he's gonna be so cool! What are the robes made of, they look great, really droopy and creepy!

  2. Very, very interesting to see how this one is coming together. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.


  3. Thanks Junkpunk and Frog Queen. The robes are a looseweave cotton that have has some serious natural aging.The fabric was reclaimed from a pile of rags and is nearly dryrotted. I have soaked the fabric in Sculpt Or Coat as a stiffener ( and stabilizer) so that the look is now locked in.
    Bishop was my main piece to work on yesterday. After many sittings of a wash here, a specklecoat there, he is completed. I should have pix ready in the next day or so.