Thursday, August 26, 2010


He is a proud little demon.
And why not? He is the master of all he surveys, controlling every little corner of his private underworld. He finds solace in the natural order of chaos and destruction. All the bones have been placed exactly as he wants them, all the souls condemned to torture for eternity under his watchful, vacant eyes. He may only be a lesser imp, patrolling the backyards of suburbia, but he still takes his job seriously.


  1. Really like the shape of his half-jaw. And the staff is a nice addition - especially since it's oversized, as if he's trying to overcompensate his short stature.

  2. he's great...this little guy definitely does NOT suffer from short man's complex!

  3. Hum....a demon shouldn't make me smile, should it? :) He is amazing.


  4. That base is the sickness right there, Dave. Great use of elements in the understructure. It feels embellished and emblazoned like a bronze bell seen from a distance.

    It's great to see some basing happening here to create a fuller composition with the pieces. The momentum behind these latest pieces is noticeably strong. Keep 'em coming.

  5. I know demons shouldn't be called cute, but this guy sure is. Great job.

  6. I just saw this guy is your past sales in your etsy shop and needed to track him down on your blog.

    He made my heart fill with evil glee and happiness. I can't explain it any better than that.

    Wonderful job!