Thursday, October 28, 2010

Word from the street....

The neighbors have become is getting really close to Halloween and still no decorations! The guy across the street finally asked why no yard haunt...he has seen load after load go from the yard and knew something was up. After explaining that everything is set up at Books N More this year, he let me in on a little secret... It seems the girl down the street has been spreading rumors to the other kids to explain the unusual absence of Halloween spirit. Apparently, if her sources are correct, the old guy that does the decorating DIED and they had to give away all the Halloween stuff.

I find this hilarious.

Next year, year.


  1. That is too funny Dave. I wonder what the neighbors in my old neighborhood are saying about us since we moved. But Dave, lets not make that rumor true any time soon eh?

  2. I have never been much into costumes, but after hearing this I went out today and bought a thrift store suit to distress....I am going to be a corpse for Halloween! ( not a zombie, just your everyday average dead guy)

  3. Well, Dave the Dead, your resurrection next year should be a real blast!

  4. You must post pics of the Dead Dave! :)