Monday, November 1, 2010

The Haunted Basement (of doom)

A few pictures from the Books N More Haunted Basement. The picture above is a particularly moody shot of my Sue Belle tombstone. I would love to have an entire haunt with this atmosphere. Below is a shot looking toward the front of the haunt. Guests had to cross a rickety bridge, over an actual stream with a terrific view of a deserted graveyard

After shedding their trick or treat costumes, Fox and Onyx wait fearlessly to guide the next group of victims thru the haunt.

This googly-eyed spectre was conjured at the last minute to fill a spot in the haunt. He was surprisingly effective, and stopped several people in their tracks for fear of what he might be dreaming up. (Of course, the fact that he was in a room that demanded the guests to crawl thru on hands and knees probably helped his creep factor)
A shop known only as "The Second Hand". What evil lurks in the dark depths just around the corner?
An excellent reason to fear the dentist....
Body Bags hang in a creepy area of the basement. The light from above is filtered thru triangular glass tiles that are set into the mortar of the sidewalk above. Rusty pipes and drippy walls make the perfect setting for this gauntlet of doom.
A stray tarantula waits just beyond the body bags, ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims.
T-bone looks just about as tired as I feel.


  1. gorgeous! I love it...what is Books and More, tho'? an old building you special effected up? regardless, fantastic props.

  2. Pam, Books N More is a small bookstore owned by my Aunt and Uncle. It is located in downtown Wilmington , Ohio.

  3. You accomplished some fantastic moods in these areas. I didn't know you were building a bridge with a stream! Talk about intense plans for a haunt. That's a gorgeous wheelchair too.

    Pat yourself on the back. You did an exceptional job (especially under the circumstances/the time alloted).

  4. Very creepy stuff, I love it!

  5. Very well done!

    And Fox and Onyx may be the sweetest kids ever, but they look creepy as all get out down there waiting...

  6. Very Nice, loved the dentist scene and the bodybags!

  7. Beautiful! You should SO do this again!

  8. Excellent work! This looks great, I really love the hanging body bags! Did the body bags move or twitch at all???

  9. Thanks everyone. It was a fun project, but really didn't feel like I was done...there was so much more that would have put this over the top.

    Der Krampus, the body bags were not animated, although there was no way to make it thru the room without pushing them to the side. There seemed to be some form of constant movement as they swayed from the previous group passing thru.

  10. So happy the shop is open!! Got some lovely things that sound great-thanks so much!