Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Drifter: nearly complete

I last updated on this piece in late September. Since then, he has sat in various places around the house and on my desk at work, mocking my lack of vision. I just couldn't seem to pull this thing into focus, knowing it needed more work but not sure in what direction to take it. Should it be a water dwelling creature, drifting with the tides and currents until it is within reach of unsuspecting prey? Should it dwell in the desert, sun dried and bleached as it struggles to exist in the dry, hot climate? Finally, I decided that neither would do, and I would stray into my fears of the deep silent woods, tapping into the feeling of being lost and alone ,knowing that there is something watching. I am still not 100% done with this piece, but am beginning to feel at peace with the direction I have taken.


  1. Pretty creepy, kind of reminds me of a three toed sloth.... that's how I picture it moving, real slow like that. I could be WAY off though.

  2. Great lichens! How did you do them. I tried some paint and play sand ones, but they looked like poop.

  3. GoneferalinID, Thanks. I have a how-to written up over at Grimvisions detailing my lichens. The main thing to remember is be very patient and allow each step to dry completely.