Sunday, March 27, 2011

One for the Frog Queen

I'm not easily startled, but I was just about to pick up this paint brush when I noticed it had a visitor.....

a visitor with tiny green eyes.


  1. That spider is actually kind of cute...

  2. Oh my goodness, look at those little green eyes!!! Tell me you didnt kill her, right?!?!! :D

    Oh, FrogQueen is gonna make hubby check all her brushes for the next 6 weeks now, LMAO.

  3. Dawn, Of course I didn't kill her! She is a welcome addition to my shop...just stay off mt paintbrushes! ;-)

  4. actually a very pretty spider...wonder what kind she is.

  5. I was really hoping when I saw that, that is was not real....<>

    .....Dawn is right. I am going to dump my brushes out before I use them!!!

    I could not have killed him either. As afraid of spiders that I am, I really kill them, try to move them away from me on a 20 foot stick...or have one of the crew rescue me :D

    Thanks for sharing. That made my day!!



  7. Hi there, I am a bit of an aracnophile AND and an aracnophobe (weird huh?) and had to comment on these great pics.
    That is a jumping spider, a Phidippus audax of the Salticidae family.
    Tiny, harmless to humans and utterly adorable.
    Sorry to be a nerdy pedant, but those beautiful iridescent green 'eyes' are actually the mouth area! What a smile eh?

  8. Thanks Simon! I've always called this a jumping spider, but never knew it was the correct name.