Friday, March 11, 2011

Two old friends need a good home

This has been a very bad week on the Shadow Farm. I am faced with several unforeseen bills due to catastrophic automotive failure (2 dead cars in a week) and must raise some money to pay the repairs. I have thought of selling these two characters for a while now, but just couldn't force myself to part with their company. Both were created in the spring of 2008, and stand as my favorite pieces to date. They have watched over my shop and inspired countless creepy minions. They are trusted friends that have shared some of my deepest secrets.

Times are hard. Tough decisions have been made. Icharus an Darwin are now up for adoption on Etsy.

Thanks for looking.


  1. don't think I could even think about giving these guys a new home...they really are wonderful. wish I could buy them both... :sigh:

  2. Hey ~ Sorry to hear about your car issues. :( I sent out a tweet telling my followers to do some shopping with you. Hope it helps!