Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Witchlette: The eyes

Her eyes told of a soulless determination. The task at hand was a daunting one indeed and nothing would stand in her way.

Progress has been made. Between events at Great Lakes Fright Fest, I worked on painting the skin tone of the Witchlette. Normally I have a clear idea of how I want a skin tone to look, but Witchlette was a puzzle to me. I knew I didn't want a stereotypical green skin, but felt that leanings toward green would be appropriate. I fumbled along, adding bits of color here, a wash or two there until I reached a point of utter confusion. I told Ghoul Friday, my camping companion at the event, that the old gal had reached a point where she was either almost done or almost ruined. Upon arriving home, the final stages of painting slowly came into focus, leaving Witchlette with a stony complexion to match her fixed gaze.

The final pieces of the puzzle will be her hair, costume, and accessories.

Getting close now. She has begun to whisper her wicked mumblings in my ear, telling me how to bring her to life.


  1. I saw this thing creeping out at me from my Blog Feed and couldn't get in here fast enough to see this update as up close as one can get being states away.

    This piece is shiver-inducing, Dave.