Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Witchlette : testing the costume

This is the first test fitting of the fabrics I have chosen for the Witchlette. Most are vintage fabrics that I have collected from various sources throughout the years. I fell that this is a good mix of colors and textures to give the old hag a real-world appearance. At this stage I like to let everything sink in for a few days, observe her in different lighting and take note of any changes or additions that need to take place before attaching her wardrobe permanently.
For instance, as much as I would like to press onward, the painting on the cauldron needs to be finished before any fabrics are applied. The plastic hands stand out as a beacon of laziness at this point, prompting me to push my comfort zone a bit to make them blend in with the rest of the piece. The forearms need some work as well since the fresh clean burlap glows like a beacon. Accessories, knickknacks and other bits and bobs will be the final touch to give her an authentic presence.
Overall I am pleased with the way this is turning out.


  1. Lots of little, tiny details & finishing touches still to go, but it will add up to a great end product. Looking forward to seeing her completed.

    Hate when I have to wait on one aspect of a piece when all I want to do is jump ahead to something else.

  2. Dave - its looking awesome so far! I will agree about the hands. Hands can be a bugger to sculpt, especially if you don't have dainty little fingers in the first place.
    A suggestion? I would take the hands you have already and put paper clay/air dry clay over the top. You already have your positions for them so it should be easier than starting from scratch.

  3. Good idea Kim. I actually have started something very similar to what you suggested on the hands..they will be much improved.

  4. Wow, I think it is perfect just the way it is....when will it be for sale? :D

    Fantastic piece as always!!


  5. Thanks FQ. Just wait until you see the finished thing....

  6. I'm really looking forward to the new photos that feature all the movement forward from this last set. This is one of those pieces that pushes that invisible bar higher and higher - both in concept and execution.

    We should all be inspired to hotwire our creations for creepy leering and hungry reaching.