Saturday, July 16, 2011

Halloween Blues

Something is wrong.

Desperately wrong.

I can't believe it is already the middle of July and the urge to create new Halloween props hasn't hit me yet. Normally by this point I would have a garage full of props in the works and the back yard would look like mid-winter from all the styrofoam scraps. I would have a head full of projects lined up waiting to be turned into reality. Plans would be already set in motion for a haunt of some sort.

This year...nothing.

what is wrong with me?


  1. Nothing is wrong with you, I believe it is in the Universe. There are numerous Home Haunters that are having the same lull. It will hit, and when it does it will be like a charging bull, just be ready to hang on for the ride.

  2. hey, sometimes you just get focused on different stuff--you've been making some spot-on, terrific sculpts lately. maybe it's just a year for the sculpts and the props will take a back seat this year. it's still creativity!

  3. September is only what? six weeks away? If you have some major projects in mind, it's never too early to get started! Halloween itself is only 106 days away.

  4. If it's like it is here, it's too freaking hot to even move.
    I know how you feel, I have been having trouble with motivation myself.

  5. Maybe reading some scary books or watching scary movies would get you back into the Halloween spirit? Sometimes a little inspiration helps!

  6. I will have to agree with Pam Morris. You have been thinking Halloween all year long with the sculpts you have created. Just think of them as props on a smaller version.

  7. I'm with Ali, Mr. Macabre and Justine. I haven't started anything this year myself. I have 2 goals that I would like to complete for my own haunt this year and it's been, a) too busy; b) too hot; c) inspiration.

    Although going through a lot of my fellow bloggers posts provides a lot of inspiration and a swift kick in the arse to get on the ball!

  8. As others have said, you've been working all year (just not on large props).

    It will come.