Sunday, July 24, 2011

Specimen Number AUK177Q

The specimen was discovered in an old steamer trunk tucked away in the basement of an abandoned lecture hall. Along with the small crate containing Specimen AUK177Q was a broken theodolite and a small banded suitcase with an array of strange brass instruments. The only identification was on a small card inside the case identifying Expedition BXT1926. While it can be assumed the expedition date was in 1926 there is no indication as to who funded the exploration or where the specimen was taken.

A visual inspection of the remains has produced the following facts:
  • Specimen contains remains of unknown species.
  • Creature has been mummified and conforms to no known physical norms.
  • Creature has two forelimbs and a prehensile tail.
  • Length would be approximately 16 inches from tip of tail to cranium.
Further analysis must be performed, including complete physical autopsy and historical investigation of the expedition.


  1. What a unique specimen. I love it!

  2. Just amazing as always! Really love the case.


  3. You knocked it outta the park...again! I've always loved specimen works of art and thought about delving in.

    :: bows to the great one ::