Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Character thoughts

Here's some disjointed thoughts bouncing around my skull. I have two new characters in mind that will be related in a way. They have started as two completely different pieces, and have gestated on the bench just long enough that I am starting to see an association between them.

Character 1: Professor Phynn. large round head, very wideset round dark eyes. tentacle-like appendages in the mouth area. Cthuhu-esque, (without the menace of the mighty one.) Explorer. shoulders draped in a well-worn cloak, holding gnarled walking stick. scientific instruments attached to a harness or leather "bandolier" . Wise. Soft steampunk influence. maps and charts in a scroll.

Character 2: yet unnamed. Taller than prof phynn, bird-like head resembling plague doctor. More of a steampunk influence on this elements. Implanted goggles in a bone cranium. brass or copper plated beak. leathery wings. Also an explorer(possibly a chemist), with accoutrements of the trade. Large scarf around neck, extends over shoulders as a cape of heavily draped fabric.

1 comment:

  1. I'm curious to see how these two characters are related. I'll probably see soon enough!

    Of course, I'm very interested in the second one you mentioned. :)