Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Harvest Rebellion

I urge you to read this and take heed. THE HARVEST REBELLION IS HERE! Spread the word before it is too late!

The pumpkins have had enough of the senseless slaughter that occurs every year in the humble fields across the world. Their homes are invaded and ransacked by humans with machetes, hatchets, and knives. Their kinsfolk are taken by the millions and mutilated in the name of 'holiday tradition'.

I have it on good authority that a rebellion force has assembled to guard the patch. They will do everything in their power to keep the invading humans at bay and put an end to the massacre once and for all.

You have been warned.


  1. I hope my pumpkins don't hear of this! <:O

  2. Ha! LOVE that final "bring it on, I dare you," look in the final photo.

    Awesome little guy.

  3. We have been warned. And will sally forth into the pumpkin patch anyway, like a bunch of dumb teenagers in a slasher movie! *evil bwahahaha!*

    Love the new minion!

  4. Yikes! Yes! I hope someone will air a pumpkin patch broadcast as news spreads of these creatures snapping from their poorly kept powder-mildewed vines across the country... bearing gifts that will teach mankind the true meaning of the word sincerity!

  5. I like a challenge. Gives a trip to the local pumpkin patch a whole new edgy appeal.

    Pumpkin Patches: They're not just for kids anymore.

    Very nice Dave ;)