Saturday, October 1, 2011


There is a general sense of unrest in the patch this year. Having survived an extraordinarily hot summer, the pumpkins have grown weary of the annual slaughter of their kind. Some of the pumpkins have formed a rebellion against the coming harvest. Pissant has not joined.
He is just too disagreeable to join any movement no matter how noble the cause and how much the beliefs of the rebellion mirror his own. He would rather stand alone, guarding his little section of the pumpkin patch, ever ready to give a hardy tongue-lashing to any child unlucky enough to come within earshot...and good hard thwack with his craggy stick if they venture within striking distance. The neighborhood cats won't go near him. The woodchucks steer clear. Even the raccoons ( the most fearless of the night creatures) stay away from Pissant. So the small but mighty Pissant stands alone, always annoyed, while the cold of October bears down on us all.

Pissant is now for sale on Etsy!


  1. So much life in this pose, Dave. I would be shocked to learn he isn't all living.

    Honestly, the whole posture is perfect. Bravo.

  2. Thanks Ghoul!

    If he had a tongue he'd be sticking it out for sure...