Monday, March 1, 2010

Calamari's Revenge: nearing completion

Painting of the body and exterior 'device' nearly complete now. I still need to paint the eyes, but am putting this off knowing that this one detail will make or break this sculpt. I will most likely go back and intensify some of the body highlighting...I have a tendency to hold back while painting in the early stages. The aging and general crustiness of the outer shell will get some highlighting, and I have begun the natural aging of the copper legs. A mixture of ammonia, vinegar, and salt will bring out a greenish-whitish patina to the copper. I will attempt to match this on some of the electrical components on the top shell to provide some contrast to the piece.

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  1. BTW - I love the name of this piece! (being vegetarian, makes me smile) Oh, and it looks amazing as always too!