Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Golden Foot of Archie McCain : Part 2

By the time he was in high school, Archie had become very popular because of his golden foot. He was the youngest player ever to make the varsity squad. A gang of girls followed him everywhere, competing for the chance to be his first love. "Don't let them girls distract you Archie, " his dad warned. "If you just keep kicking, you'll get a full scholarship to college. That foot of yours is golden, Archie. Don't you change a thing and you'll be set for life." Archie knew it was true. He could see well beyond high school by now. He dreamt of college and of kicking the winning fieldgoal in the Rose Bowl. Archie also knew that his parents couldn't afford to send him to college, especially now that he was wearing out the toes of his special Redwings at the rate of about a pair each season. Archie spent all his free time kicking the football, ignoring the advances of the entire cheer squad. On Homecoming night, the score was tied with just a few seconds left. Archie's team had the ball and it was 3rd and long. Archie trotted onto the field with confidence, knowing his time had come. Even though it was to be a 62 yard attempt, the coach knew it was in the bag. The ball was snapped, and just as he had dreamed his entire life, Archie floated the ball through the uprights, carving his name in the school record books as having kicked the longest fieldgoal ever. As he prepared to bask in the glory of the homecoming dance and dressed to go meet his date, Archie's dad helped him straighten his tie and said in a solemn tone, "Archie, now you listen to me, boy. Don't you mess around with them girls, Archie. You're almost there, boy. That foot of yours is golden, and there were college scouts watching you tonight. Don't you change a thing, and you'll be set for life. Promise me boy. Don't you mess around with them girls." Archie knew it was true. If he could just make it to college he had plenty of time then for girls. His golden foot would get him there as long as he didn't change a thing.

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