Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Golden Foot of Archie McCain : Part 3

The old codgers watched as Archie practiced kicking the ball. They smoked their stogies and drank their Milwaukee's Best. "I swear to ya," one would say to the other," I can see sparks fly when the boy hammers that football. I ain't never seen nothin' like it." They marveled to each other each time the ball went sailing down Green Street.

The scouts took notice of Archie's monumental, game-winning record kick, and now took turns knocking on the McCain's front door. Over the coming month's, Archie had been visited by representatives from every Big 10 college, each extolling the virtues of their particular interest, trying to get a piece of Archie's golden foot. Archie's dad loved the attention, and spent many hours chatting with the scouts and taking advantage of their spending accounts. He never hesitated to suggest that perhaps they should discuss his boy's future over dinner, knowing that each college would try to outspend the next. "Archie, my boy'" his father now said,"you have earned your ticket to college. Now is the time for you to start thinking pro. Keep your mind on kicking and you will be set for life."

It didn't take long before Archie became a sensation in college. The fans now cheered every time he took the field, knowing it meant a sure 3 points no matter what the distance. His followers now made yellow cardboard cutouts to wave like a flag as they chanted his name from the stands. Archie continued to practice, continued to wear holes in his shoes, and continued to dream of kicking the winning fieldgoal in the Rose Bowl. However, in his blossoming manhood, Archie had noticed a particular young lady that soon became his steady girlfriend. They quickly became serious about each other, but Archie still dreamed of kicking and stayed true to his father's advice. He explained to her why they couldn't take their relationship to the next level, and promised that as soon as he kicked the winning fieldgoal in the Rose Bowl and signed a contract with the NFL, they would be married and could do whatever they pleased. "Don't you mess around with that girl." his father's advice still rang true in his ears. " Don't you change a thing Archie, and you will be set for life." His father's advice had been sound all these years, and he had followed and trusted this mantra. It had taken him this far...just a bit longer and he could share his dreams with his new found love.

It was a phenomenal year for Archie's team. They won every game, although some did come down to a last ditch fieldgoal from ridiculously long distances. In these games, the coach would laugh and send in the man with the golden foot. It was like money in the bank. Archie sliced the college records, and knew it was all coming true. His future was already written. He was set for life. Knowing this, Archie's dreams now turned to love and sex and marriage.....and kicking with his golden foot.

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