Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jack O Lantern Tree

Keep the Halloween spirit alive all year long with this cool wire sculpture tree.
The tree is 6 1/2 inch tall with a natural rust patina. It was hand twisted from approx 100 feet of wire, and has been sealed with shellac for a rich semi-gloss finish. Five handmade Jack O Lanterns are hanging from the tree to make this piece a festive and spooky accent for any time of the year. The Jack O lanterns are sculpted with paperclay, and feature re-positionable wire stems. They can be removed from the tree to be used elsewhere.


  1. Your tree turned out great, mine is still sitting waiting for me to get back to it with the right materials.
    Haybudden: not really anonymous, I just lack the other options

  2. I probably shouldn't refer to this as adorable...but somehow it is! Maybe I should call it irrisistable! I love each individual little face on the jack-o-lanterns.
    Take Care,

  3. Thanks Robin...adorable is ok with me.

    Haybudden, Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  4. Thats just great! Table top with a creepy feel-I love it.