Friday, January 28, 2011

An Outrageous Giveaway

I have been creating creepy little things to sell on Etsy for approximately 1 1/2 years now, and have started wondering how all the little creatures I have sent off into the world are getting along. I thought it would be fitting to thank all of you who have supported my habit by offering up a freebie from my shop.

That's right. Anything at all that is currently in my shop at the end of this contest. No cost limit. Anything. Win this contest, and it is yours.

So here are the rules:
  • You must have purchased an item from my shop. All past sales are included, or if you haven't purchased yet make a purchase now to enter.
  • Send me a picture of your item showing how it is displayed and write a few words about have you displayed it, comments from friends, comments about my shop or artwork in general, I will post your picture and your comments on my blog as your official entry. ( send pix and comments to ---put 'shadow farm giveaway' in the subject line)
  • Contest will run until midnight February 13. In order to allow for shipping time on new orders, you will have until Feb 26th to send your pix and comments.( **see edit below**)
  • On Feb 27th, I will choose and announce the winner from all eligible entrants in a random draw.
It's just that easy! Thanks again to everyone who has purchased from me!

I have decided to end the contest when all new purchases have submitted their contest entries. As of today, 2/14/2011, there is one final customer waiting on the arrival of his purchase and has expressed interest in entering this contest. I will accept entries up to the time of posting the final contest entry. Thanks again, and good luck!


  1. wow..I shall send my photo in real soon! what a great contest idea (and an extraordinary prize...)

  2. Cool,great idea, I love your stuff and I'll enjoy finding a suitably creepy picture to send.

  3. Oh, so going to go home this weekend and snap photos of my pieces! Thanks for doing this. What a very clever and generous idea!


  4. Great contest Dave...If I have purchased multiple items do I get multiple entries??? :)

    I'll take my pics this week.

  5. I'd better buy something right away so that I have a chance to get it here before the contest ends...

  6. I've submitted my entry! Can't wait to see all the figures reunited on the site :)

  7. LUV your stuff!! Your "Nigel" is proudly displayed each Halloween season.

    Keep up the great work!

    -Dr. TerrorEyes (Bill)

  8. Sent in my entry!! Good luck every dobby!!

  9. Just sent in our entry featuring The Harbinger, good luck all.