Monday, January 31, 2011

Ghoul Friday's Witch

Ghoul Friday has been one of my favorite online friends for a long time. We first met at HauntForum, where I marveled at her extensive efforts to throw Halloween parties with detailed and cohesive themes. We have chatted back and forth on many subjects, and I was honored to send her this witch when her devoted Yetch purchased it as a Christmas gift.

Ghoul Friday wrote this about her Shadow Farm witch:

"She sits proudly in my Halloween cabinet, reigning over all the other small figures roaming the top shelf. The Witch was one of those items you see and think "I must have that" (of course, she isn't the first figure to inspire such a thought when I look at Dave's shop). I couldn't put my finger on what drew me to her besides the overflowing personality pouring out from her grumpy face. It's this spark of life that I think makes a piece of art "successful", and I'm proud to have her in my collection."

Thanks for the online friendship and your support of my artwork! Good luck in the contest.

If you would like to enter my contest for a chance to choose ant item from my Etsy shop, check this post for details!


  1. I have to say, it's very gratifying to see your witch and my pumpkin pot (left side of the pic) sharing the same shelf!
    What an honor!

  2. Look at you, saying nice things about me. And in PUBLIC too ;)

    This giveaway is a great idea and I wish everyone luck.

  3. Nice people deserve to have nice things said about them. I'm hoping to bring a crowd out of the woodwork with this contest...come on folks, step right up and have nice things said about you!