Sunday, November 20, 2011

Professor Phynn, WIP conitnued

Phynn wormed his way onto the bench this weekend for some long awaited tweaking. I have added some years to his robe, added a second scroll, and worked out placement of the belt that will eventually carry a variety of instruments for his scientific explorations. Still a bunch to do, but I feel pretty good about the base and direction he is going.

I need to now start thinking of brass telescopes, compasses, and indescribable steam-punk-ish accoutrement's.

His would-be sidekick has been banished to "The Shelf". I was getting absolutely no cooperation out of the guy and felt it would be better to set him aside rather than continue the frustration of seeing him mock me from prime bench-top space.
Take that, Bernoulli! ( yes, the unfinished thing has a name already)

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