Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Thatcher was once a strong and agile young man. He had a thriving business mending roofs for the townsfolk, farmers, and the dwellers of the woods. One day while he traveled deep into the forest, he happened across the small untidy hut of a feeble old lady. She beckoned to him.

"Thatcher,' she called out as he approached, "There is a hole in my roof. I have no money to pay, but can grant you a wish if you will fix my leaky roof."

Thatcher was familiar with bartering, but was woefully unaware of the underhanded dealings of the crazy old "bottle lady". He kindheartedly agreed, knowing he would collect no payment this day, and started the repairs. Upon completion of the task, the old hag asked Thatcher what his wish was. Jokingly, he chuckled that he wished that hers was the last rooftop he ever saw.

As Thatcher lay down for the night, huddled under his cart, he thought of the old lady and his wish. When he woke the next morning, he found his wish had been granted. Thatcher was blind, and as requested, would never see another rooftop.


  1. awesome! Thanks for sharing. You did a great job with the face. I look forward to seeing future creations!

  2. Your stories are just as amazing as your creations.

    Hauntingly beautiful on both accounts.

  3. another wonderful creation with a charming little story to accompany it!

  4. Chilling - looks and story are perfect!

  5. Triste histoire mais ...
    tellement beau personnage


  6. This character is my favorite by far. The detail and expression in the face are amazing.