Saturday, November 5, 2011

Props of the Past : Dr. Spew the Puking prop

I was browsing through some old pix and came across this puking prop I made sometime around 2007. This project was one that I was coerced into making. My Uncle Dan dropped the barrel off and in no uncertain terms stated that I needed to make a puking I did, leaving Dan to figure out how to automate the puking process so the good doctor didn't hurt himself spewing forth a solid stream all night long. The mechanism Dan developed was actually quite ingenious. It utilized a float valve and a regulated water return to make the animation 100% autonomous. When Dr. Spew first chucks, he fills a reservoir that, when full, trips the float valve to turn the sump pump off. The reservoir slowly drains until the float turns the pump back on, and the cycle is repeated....hours of vomitous entertainment ensue. The massive volume you see in these pictures eventually was fine-tuned to a controlled and contained upchuck.

Dr. Spew is still operational to this day, and has been everything from a mad scientist to an unfortunate potion master/ wizard. (and even an impromptu political protest....but that's another story)


  1. hah hah hah Love it. Made me chuckle. Thanks!

  2. Love it..but now you know you are going to have to tell the political protest story....