Thursday, June 27, 2013

Betsy Murgatroid

 Most people are familiar with the phrases 'Heavens to Betsy" or the less common "Heavens to Murgatroid." I'll bet you didn't know that both are referring to the same person! Betsy Murgatroid was a very awkward and lonely little girl who lived near The Shadow Farm. She was always an outsider, mostly because of her greasy hair, dumpy physique, and bad breath. She had a  peculiar habit of playing pranks on nearly everyone she came in contact with in an attempt to gain popularity through humor.  Was your catsup spiked with Tabasco sauce? Betsy Murgatroid. Shoelaces tied together while you snoozed on the bus? Betsy Murgatroid. Exploding caps trip wired to the toilet seat? Yep...Betsy Murgatroid.

Most people hated her, but all she ever wanted was attention. She just wanted a friend, and thought her pranks would make people like her.

As time went by, the phrase of surprise "Heavens to Betsy Murgatroid" (or versions thereof) became commonplace.  Mostly, her pranks were good-natured and harmless. the phrase took roots, Betsy found herself becoming more and more isolated and more and more resentful that she couldn't find a friend. One day she snapped, and her innocent jokes took on a whole new flavor.

Fun-loving, socially awkward Betsy Murgatroid is not a pleasant little girl when she gets mad. Oh, no...she is not pleasant at all.


  1. Thanks, I needed this post! And that last photo is classic

  2. She looks so innocent until you get to that last shot.

    Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)

  3. I'm sooo in love with your work...

  4. Eeeeeeee.....MUST.....HAVE...... *claws at face*

  5. i can understand that Miss Betsy Need so a Friend...
    Because the Eternity is always less long, boring and less Sad when we have a companion ( or a Lover)... ^^
    If none Human want to be her friend... Can i suggest you to create a friend especially for Miss Betsy? >w<
    Friendly and Skully yours,

  6. Betsy has lovely round owly eyes. Also, I love her hat.