Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello? Does this thing still work?

It has been forever...I know, I know. Tell me I'm a bad Blogger to leave The Shadow Farm in a state of decay for so long...;go ahead, I can take it. Well, here is my return and this time I am going to try to make it stick! I've been working in the shop intermittently , and have actually begun to make some new pieces. The Etsy shop is up and running again after being shut down for way too long. I will be attending Ghoultide Gathering this year, and might just make it out to a few of the horror conventions if all goes well....but let's just take this slow and gather some momentum first, shall we?

So here's some pix of a few of my newest projects just listed on Etsy.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Annabella. It is good to feel a bit of creativity again.

  2. All your new prices are charming. I look forward to seeing more.


    1. Stay tuned Mario...more pieces on the bench and nearly ready!

  3. BonjourMr Dave the Dead!!
    There is a proverb in France who say:"Doucement, mais Surement!!"-("Slowly, but Surely"!! ). °_^
    I'm Happy to See that your"Shadows Farm"is again active!! ^^
    Friendly and Skully Yours,

    1. Merci Lenore62! Merci beaucoup!
      Tempting to sweep away the cobwebs, but they add so much character and spookiness I think I'll keep them.

  4. Happy to see you're back to being your delightfully creative self again!

    Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)

  5. Glad ro see you're back Dave. I'm so excited I've already bought a piece. Let's see, it can't be a Christmas or birthday present to myself, so I guess it will have to be a Fourth of July present to myself. I just love presents, especially from the Shadow Farm.

    Laurie (aka scareme)