Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Full Steam Ahead!

I've managed to go into full production mode, and have decided that I'm taking The Shadow Farm on the road and will be attending Days of the Dead in Indianapolis July 5-7. It has been a long journey for me to get back to the point to where I feel like creating. I am really looking forward to seeing many of the friends I made at DotD last year, and also hoping to make some new friends as well. Thank you all for supporting me thru this last year. It has been a rough ride ( and continues to be).  If you are going to the convention, make sure to stop by my booth and introduce yourself!


  1. Have a great time at the convention! You look well stocked for the event.

    Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)

  2. Good to hear that. I know it's been a rough year. As I always tell myself: Keep going!

  3. Woooo Hooooo!! More creations! Keep the chin up and flip off 'life hiccups' whenever you can! Only thing that keeps me unsane.

  4. are the definition of "Prolific"....wishing you much success at the show.

    1. Prolific: See also Stolloween. (straight from the dictionary....I swear it!) lol