Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Curiosity No. Auk5-387

This specimen was found slogging about in a stagnant mud puddle in the dark end of the Shadow Farm Cemetery. Local scientists are baffled as to its origin. After a severe media leak, some locals are hailing the find as proof of the Figi Mermaid. Others are speculating that it may be the spawn of Lovecraft's Innsmouth. One eyewitness who was able to retain his sanity was quoted as saying "It is without a doubt the most unwholesome thing I have ever seen".

Curiosity No. Auk5-387 is now available for sale on Etsy.


  1. He would be perfect in my Curio of Curiosity's

  2. Your Etsy shop is slowly becoming a macabre museum. I am patiently waiting for a creature who speaks to me directly. :)

  3. Amazing work. Always feel inspired visiting your blog! Thanks for sharing.