Thursday, September 24, 2009

PinkEye the Clown

"Pinkey the Clown! Pinkey the Clown!" Billy squealed with glee.
It was 4 days before his party, and Momma just booked the entertainment.

"Yes Billy," Momma said. "Pinkey the Clown is coming and you are going to have the best birthday ever!"

"Yayyyyy!" squealed Bill. " Best birfday ever! Yay Pinkey the Clown!"

Momma didn't check references.

Momma didn't notice the extra 'e' on the end of Pinkey's name. If she had, Momma would have thought it was just a typo.

"Pinkeye the Clown! Pinkeye the Clown" screamed Billy.

Worst Birthday ever.
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  1. "Worst birthday ever"


    He's pretty gross, Dave. Even by your standards. ;)

  2. Pinkeye the Clown may go down in history as the best name for a creepy birthday entertainer. Well done!

  3. lol...I don't know why but I just can't stop laughing about Pinkeye the clown. He is just too sick to not laugh.

  4. I agree Dave, Pinkeye, makes me giggle with glee