Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grimvisions Halloween Giveaway 2009

Just in time to ring in October, Grimvisions is having an amazing giveaway! As a guest blogger on Grimvisions, I am offering this delightfully devious little Pumpkin Creature as a part of this promotion. Run on over to Grimvisions to check out the other fantastic items that are included...Handsculpted ghoulish creations by Grim of Grimvisions and King Unicorn of Anathema Arcana! This is a giveaway you really don't want to miss! Make sure to maximize your chances of winning...full details available over at Grimvisions.
Pumpkin Creature VII:
Something is definitely amiss with the pumkin crops at the Shadow Farm this year. An unusually wet summer has grown the roots deep and strong in the rich dark soil. Local legends tell of an abandoned cemetery somewhere on the property, and it is my firm belief that the crop has tapped into something unwholesome. Mischievous creatures with the vague resemblance of pumpkins are now running amuck, creating chaos in their wake. They may seem ---dare I say-- cute, but do not be fooled... these creatures are real troublemakers.


  1. Great piece! (As all your work is.) Thanks for being so generous as to offer him up in a giveaway!!


  2. I love this little guy! Hopefull he will come to live with me! ;)

  3. I love this guy too! Do you have one like that which is for sale?

  4. Kitty,
    Just keep checking etsy...the studio is in full production right now, so more will be added soon.

  5. He's so cute! I posted an article about you on my blog at - might prompt more people to enter so that he'll find a home. :)