Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Frog Queen goes Easter?

I have made many odd little beasties thru the years, but who would have thought Easter Eggs would be among the creations from a dark and dismal place such as the Shadow Farm? Oh wait...one side bright and pretty, the other reavealing a fetal skeleton? Ok, that makes more sense! I remember the day when the order came thru. I don't think my wife understood the significance when I announced I had sold two Easter Eggs to THE DAVIS GRAVEYARD! Since then I have watched the genius of the Frog Queen and her minions as they set the bar for home haunters world-wide...and now I find out that my Gruesome Easter Egg has a spot of distinction in her home.

"I just couldn't pack him away with the other Easter decorations. I mean, the fluffy bunnies in the storage bin* would just die of fright, and we cannot have that, so I decided he had to have a forever home in my potions/music room, but where? See his is small and wobbly enough to become an instant cat toy if left unsupervised. I have shelves….high shelves…..they are no deterrent to the felines in my house. In fact, I think they actually like the challenge.

So, where to put him……and then I notice the wreath on my wall is earth tones just like him….if I put him in here he will all but disappear. I will be one of those follies I have around the house that you have to be looking for to find. This is absolutely perfect.

….but I still do not trust the cats…..so just to be sure he was safe and sound, I put two of my best undead fairies to watch him.

* “the frog queen has fluffy bunnies…say it is not so! The world is undone!” - :D Okay, I was kidding about the fluffy bunnies…..but you have to admit that is truly a scary thought."

Thanks Frog Queen and all your lovely minions that carry the Halloween spirit thru the year. I have to confess to you that when I sent the egg along with a dark eight-legged protector I truly had no idea of your arachnophobia. ( seriously)

The Frog Queen is now entered into my Outrageous Giveaway Contest. Check here for full details on how you can be entered.

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  1. Ah, thanks.....and sure, you did not know about my phobia....sure you didn't :D My cats always appreciate plastic spiders, so they thank you....me, not so much!

    Thanks again for sharing your lovely work.