Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Collections of Dr. Mortenson

 There is a small scrap of a wood shingle awkwardly placed near the mouth of a groundhog burrow behind the large barn on The Shadow Farm. Scratched into the wood , the letters read "Dr. Mortenson, Embalmer".  The burrow was recently discovered and investigated, unveiling an odd little creature. Dr. Mortenson is about the size of a very small cat, and is very skilled in the collection and preservation of some very extraordinary specimens. It is unclear why Dr Mortenson has such a collection, and also a mystery as to where many of his specimens come from.
Dr Mortenson and his collection will be available for a detailed inspection and purchase on May 10th. Please purchase your ticket now from The Shadow Farm to attend this one-night only opportunity.


  1. I'm liking Dr Mortenson and the sound of his hobby ;o)

  2. Another brilliant creation!!!


  3. The scraggly hair makes the piece :)

  4. The hat makes the man, er, I mean ghoul:)

    This little guy looks like something straight out of the dark alleys of 19th century England. He has a marvelous face and tremendous presence.

    Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)