Monday, April 2, 2012

i know a place

That holds a secret. I haven't visited for quite a while, so today when I had some spare time I decided to pay a visit to some old friends. It is nearly a mile hike back to the nest. The entire time, I am running thru different scenarios of what could have happened since my last visit ; wind, lightening, floods, and poachers could have very easily uprooted the stately sycamore that has been the home to a pair of Bald Eagles for five years now. I try to stay calm as i round the corner to where I can first glimpse the home, prepared for disapointment should the pair have been forced to relocate. However, yet again, I see quickly that nest is still there, and has grown larger since my last visit.

Today I find the mother sitting on eggs, her head barely visible over the rim of the gargantuan nest.
The father silently flies in to deliver lunch to his patient mate. My camera work was not quick enough to capture the exchange of the carp he brought in. And just as quickly, he flies off to work on the next meal.

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  1. How cool is that? Eagles are really fun to watch.